>  Wireless Mesh Solution
TVWS, 4.9GHz, 5GHz mesh backhaul solutions with 2.4GHz Access Point Switching Wireless Mobile Mesh Network 

 Thin/Fit Access Point
Indoor and Outdoor Thin/Fit Wireless Access Point transmission rate up to 300Mbps, support multiple access modes(b/g, b/g/n)

> Wireless Mobile Device
High speed mobile wireless access solution for railway

> Wireless Access Controller 
Carrier-class Core Wireless Controller with the largest capacity up to 2.56T with high-speed ASIC processors. Supports 802.11n, ideally for 3G data Offload for Mobile Service Provider.

> MeshAP Manager  
Web (HTML) based GUI Management Tool for MeshAP Access Points



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Fully Compatible with Existing Access Server, Router, and Gateway
ArrowSpan’s unique Layer 2.5 design allows data packets to be transparent to Layer 3 and above protocols. This design enables high compatibility to existing network infrastructure and equipment, and at the same time maintains all the services and management integrity of the existing network equipment.

This figure shows how ArrowSpan mesh technology passes through data packets in high-speed, while maintaining the Ethernet packet structure without any modification to the packets.


The figure below, demonstrates how easy existing Routers, Gateways, Access Servers and other 3rd party network devices, can be directly connected to ArrowSpan’s MeshAP solutions via standard 10/100 Ethernet connection to create a hotzone size Wi-Fi mesh network.

MeshAP Access Point implements Layer 2 mesh routing which provides excellent network performance and it is fully compatible with existing network equipment and applications. The MeshAP Access Point is able to support high-bandwidth and low latency applications like real-time video and VoIP.


High throughput Mesh Network is achieved by non-blocking and no-interference for client and backhaul traffic. The MeshAP Access Point multi-radio and multi-channel design, eliminates the wireless signal interference and traffic conflict problems that exist on many other mesh network products.



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