> MeshAP 5100 Outdoor - Dual 5GHz and Single 2.4GHz Full-Duplex Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point

> MeshAP 3100G Outdoor - Dual 5GHz and Single 2.4GHz Full-Duplex Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point with built-in GPS Antenna

> MeshAP 3100 Outdoor - Dual 5GHz and Single 2.4GHz Full-Duplex Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point

> MeshAP 1100 Indoor - 2.4GHz Full-Duplex Wi-Fi Mesh Network Access Point

> MeshAP Manager Web (HTML) based GUI Management Tool for MeshAP Access Points


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Solutions For Transportation
Deployment Applications Include: Train Stations, Bus Stations, Airports

From train stations to bus stations and airports, wireless internet access is becoming more common. Whether they are waiting for their plane or the train to arrive, travelers are using their laptops to check their email, access the internet or finish up that last minute report.  With Wi-Fi access availability in public places, more people are inclined to use public transportation because they can work on their laptops while they commute. 

The Wi-Fi MeshAPs deliver a high performance wireless mesh network infrastructure, that delivers intelligence, scalability, security and unrivaled performance for large scale metro and rural networks.  ArrowSpan has incorporated the software into every single MeshAP Access Point, therefore, eliminating the need for costly controllers or servers. This cost-effective design provides speedy deployment with tremendous savings.

Compatible with existing wired infrastructure, Gateways, Access and Application Servers.

ArrowSpan's MeshAP Series Access Points are designed with the Layer 2 fast packet switching technology. This technology enables traffic to travel under the bridge mode. There is no alteration of the data traffic when it reaches the destination across the mesh network. Each MeshAP node simply passes through all the data traffic to the clients and the next nodes. The Layer 2 fast packet switching technology also makes it highly compatible with other network devices like routers, gateways, access servers, and other application servers.

Services Available to the Transportation Industry Using ArrowSpan's MeshAP Access Points

  • Email
  • High speed internet access. ArrowSpan's MeshAP Access Points can provide Wi-Fi coverage to wide areas, without running cables.
  • Temporary networks. Easy to set up, tear down, and move to a different location. Perfect for construction sites, conferences and business events.
  • Security and surveillance. Easy to setup Wi-Fi based surveillance cameras, can be installed around any property and provide real time feeds. Perfect for providing security in and around airports, train stations, construction sites, warehouses, even hotel properties.
  • VPN access
  • Online presentations

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