> MeshAP 5100 Outdoor - Dual 5GHz and Single 2.4GHz Full-Duplex Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point

> MeshAP 3100G Outdoor - Dual 5GHz and Single 2.4GHz Full-Duplex Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point with built-in GPS Antenna

> MeshAP 3100 Outdoor - Dual 5GHz and Single 2.4GHz Full-Duplex Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point

> MeshAP 1100 Indoor - 2.4GHz Full-Duplex Wi-Fi Mesh Network Access Point

> MeshAP Manager Web (HTML) based GUI Management Tool for MeshAP Access Points


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Solutions For Hospitality
Deployment Applications Include: Hotels, Resorts, Clubs, Restaurants and Conference Centers

Solution Note

. . Setting Up a 300 Room
... Hotel with MeshAP Wi-Fi
... Mesh Access Points
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Many of today's hospitality service providers offer high-speed Internet service to their guests. Due to the fact that many of today's portable devices are Wi-Fi enabled, the demand for this service is increasingly growing. Business travelers carry all the latest in portable communications technology from cell phones, PDA, and wireless notebooks, to hand-held entertainment devices with wireless internet access. Guests enjoying the poolside cafe of a resort are demanding wireless internet access, in order to stay in touch with friends while vacationing.

Hotels, Resorts, and Clubs desiring a competitive advantage in the hospitality world, need to expand their existing wired infrastructure. By doing so, they will provide their guests with flexible wireless high-speed internet, both inside and outside of their buildings. Guests benefit from immediate access to information anywhere in the facility.

No need to pull additional wires to deploy (No Telephone wire, No Ethernet [Cat-5] wire)

ArrowSpan's Wi-Fi Mesh Network solutions do not require any wires in order to expand the wireless Internet service around the property. As long as there is an electricity plug, ArrowSpan's Wi-Fi MeshAPs can be deployed. Network setup is simple, easy and cost-effective.

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Auto-Configure for easy deployment

ArrowSpan's MeshAP Auto-Configure feature, makes it easy for property management to deploy additional MeshAPs to the property. This feature enables the property management to acquire the nodes based on current needs, and expand the wireless mesh network when additional needs arise in the future.

Compatible with existing wired infrastructure, access servers, and PMS servers

ArrowSpan's MeshAP Series Access Points are designed with the Layer 2 fast packet switching technology. This technology enables traffic to travel under the bridge mode. There is no alteration on the data traffic when they reach the destination across the mesh network. Each MeshAP node simply passes through all the data traffic to the clients and the next nodes. The Layer 2 fast packet switching technology also makes the MeshAPs highly compatible with other network devices like routers, gateways, access servers, and other application servers.




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