> MeshAP 5100 Outdoor - Dual 5GHz and Single 2.4GHz Full-Duplex Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point

> MeshAP 3100G Outdoor - Dual 5GHz and Single 2.4GHz Full-Duplex Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point with built-in GPS Antenna

> MeshAP 3100 Outdoor - Dual 5GHz and Single 2.4GHz Full-Duplex Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point

> MeshAP 1100 Indoor - 2.4GHz Full-Duplex Wi-Fi Mesh Network Access Point

> MeshAP Manager Web (HTML) based GUI Management Tool for MeshAP Access Points


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Solutions For Healthcare
Deployment Applications Include: Hospitals, Clinics and other Healthcare facilities

Wireless access is becoming a necessity in hospitals and clinics around the world.  Thanks to ArrowSpan’s wireless mesh technology, doctors are able to provide the best diagnosis possible for their patients because they have access to their medical records and can track their recovery from anywhere in the building.  Wireless access also enables doctors, nurses and staff to be on the same page when it comes to a patient’s medical history and reaction to certain medications.  Being able to constantly receive the most updated information could be a matter of life or death.

ArrowSpan’s Wi-Fi Mesh Network solutions can be deployed around any property without needing to pull any costly wires. As long as there is an electricity plug, the MeshAP units can be deployed.  A single MesAP can serve both the backhaul and the clients’ needs. This cost-effective design provides speedy deployment with tremendous savings.  ArrowSpan’s MeshAP nodes wirelessly connect to other nodes, forming an auto-discovery, auto-configuring, auto-healing mesh network that expands rapidly to structure a powerful and reliable wireless mesh network.

The MeshAP’s Auto-Configure feature, makes it easy to deploy additional MeshAP nodes to the property. This feature enables the property management to acquire the MeshAP nodes based on current needs, and expand the wireless mesh network when additional needs arise in the future.

Compatible with existing wired infrastructure, gateways, access servers and application servers.

ArrowSpan's MeshAP Series Access Points are designed with the Layer 2 fast packet switching technology. This technology enables traffic to travel under the bridge mode. There is no alteration on the data traffic when they reach the destination across the mesh network. Each MeshAP node simply passes through all the data traffic to the clients and the next nodes. The Layer 2 fast packet switching technology also makes it highly compatible with other network devices like routers, gateways, access servers, and other application servers.

Services Available to the Healthcare Industry Using ArrowSpan's MeshAP Access Points

  • Email
  • High speed internet access. ArrowSpan's MeshAP Access Points can provide Wi-Fi coverage to wide areas, without running cables.
  • Temporary networks. Easy to set up, tear down, and move to a different location. Perfect for construction sites, conferences and business events.
  • Security and surveillance. Easy to setup Wi-Fi based surveillance cameras, can be installed around any property and provide real time feeds. Perfect for providing security in and around hospitals, health clinics, airports, train stations, construction sites, warehouses, even hotel properties.
  • VPN access
  • Online presentations

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