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ArrowSpan Simplifies the Deployment Process of a Wi-Fi Mesh Network

Santa Clara, Calif., April 19, 2007 – ArrowSpan Inc., a global provider of Wi-Fi mesh solutions, is simplifying the deployment process of a Wi-Fi mesh network.  Mesh deployment can be complicated and time consuming since most networks require users to provide an individual IP address for every unit in the entire network, but ArrowSpan is providing an alternative to the multiple IP address configuration.  All the nodes in ArrowSpan’s MeshAP family now require one IP address to configure.  Carriers and service providers using ArrowSpan’s products only have to assign one IP address for the entire mesh network, offering users the ability to deploy a mesh network, faster and easier. 

“Setting up and maintaining a network with multiple IP addresses is complicated and is a lot of work.  We wanted to simplify the process and allow users the flexibility of setting up just one IP address, but still have the ability to manage multiple nodes,” said Max Lu, President/CEO of ArrowSpan.
ArrowSpan offers users a plethora of products targeting indoor and outdoor mesh network solutions, including the high performance Triple RF MeshAP 5100/3100, the Multi-Frequency MeshAP 2180, the Dual RF MeshAP 2100 and the MeshAP 1100 Indoor.  All of the access points provide users with an affordable, scalable and reliable solution that supports real time video, voice and data applications.  Each MeshAP access point is also equipped with built-in management software to manage an entire mesh network without additional software cost.  For more information about ArrowSpan’s products and technology please visit us online at

About ArrowSpan, Inc
ArrowSpan Inc. develops and manufactures next-generation Wi-Fi wireless mesh network solutions.  Our solutions enable users to expand existing wireless networks to a wider reach.  ArrowSpan’s streamlined design philosophy and manufacturing expertise, makes the
Wi-Fi mesh network solutions one of most cost efficient solutions on the market.  Our commitment at ArrowSpan is to develop a product that is the best-in-class, but also profitable and economical for everyone.    For more information about ArrowSpan Inc. and our products, please visit


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