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Estes Valley Networks Provides Advertiser Supported Free Wireless Internet to Downtown Businesses, Residents and over 4 Million Visitors

Estes Park, Colorado (PRWEB) March 31, 2008 – Estes Valley Networks today announced that it’s Free High-Speed Wireless Internet Access for Downtown Estes Park, Colorado has been completed. 

Estes Park is the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, one of America’s most popular vacation destinations.  During the year over 4 million visitors pass though the town, many are day travelers and have limited access to high-speed Internet.

The advertiser-supported mesh network provides coverage to most of the downtown area including Elkhorn Avenue.  It is the goal of Estes Valley Networks, with the support of the Estes Park Chamber of Commerce, to provide this much needed wireless network free to the Town of Estes Park and its millions of visitors each year.  This yields exceptional opportunity for advertising by offering high visibility advertisements on the logon page, which is distributed to customers via wireless mesh coverage throughout the greater Estes Park.

Currently, metro scale wireless networks are being offered in cites all over the world.  To join this growing trend of citywide wireless Internet delivery, Estes Valley Networks implemented the latest mesh networking technology from ArrowSpan, Inc. of Santa Clara, California.  By deploying ArrowSpan’s MeshAP 3100, Estes Valley Networks was able to quickly roll out a flexible wireless solution. The network will be free to users and entirely supported by its advertisers.  As advertising sponsorship increases, Estes Valley Networks will continue to deploy nodes easily and cost effectively, therefore expanding mesh coverage to the greater Estes Park area.

To access the wireless network, users simply search for SSID “Estes Park Free Internet” using any wireless device.  After selecting the wireless network “Estes Park Free Internet”, the user is directed to a logon page containing business-sponsored ads.  From here the user will logon or create a free account and are then re-directed to the Internet.  Estes Valley Networks provides similar wireless services to many hotels and businesses.  This summer over 4 million visitors may have the chance to experience this FREE service. 

“People need high-speed internet while they travel,” said Eric Calkins, president of Estes Valley Networks. “And day travelers can’t use the free wireless Internet hotels provide to their guests.  While traveling throughout the country either on business or pleasure I have found it necessary to have access to high-speed Internet.  I think visitors in Estes Park will find the wireless network very useful for locating local shops, restaurants, activities and perhaps even extending their stay.  Without the cooperation and access point mounting assets provided by Estes Park Central, The Old Church Shops, Historical Park Theater, ePark Labs, The Wheel Bar, KEPL Radio, Century 21 this would not have been possible.“

For additional information about Estes Park Free Wireless Internet sponsorship opportunities, contact Eric Calkins or visit


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Eric Calkins, President
Estes Valley Networks, Inc.
Estes Park, Colorado




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