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ArrowSpan Inc. Offers a Health-Friendly Wireless Mesh Network Alternative

Santa Clara, Calif., February 20, 2007 – ArrowSpan Inc., a global provider of Wi-Fi mesh solutions, is putting an earth-friendly spin on wireless networks.  The MeshAP 1100 Indoor uses only 25mW of RF power, and is able to provide a large scale Wi-Fi mesh deployment for the RF sensitive environment.  ArrowSpan’s cutting-edge Wi-Fi mesh technology provides a dependable and secure Wi-Fi deployment and at the same time enables hotels, malls, airports and enterprises to achieve a green workplace environment.  A Wi-Fi network is flexible enough where carriers and service providers can provide coverage in an affordable and efficient way to cash-strapped and underdeveloped areas and does not require a wired backhaul for each access point.
“A wireless network’s flexible health-friendly attributes can help make businesses, hotels and hospitals more efficient because it eliminates the need for workers to travel back and forth to gain access to key information, therefore making the MeshAP 1100 the best alternative to a wired network,” said Max Lu, President/CEO of ArrowSpan.

ArrowSpan’s mesh routers form a self-configuring and self-healing wireless broadband data network, and can expand hotspots to hot zones.  The dual radio design provides better wireless coverage and is compatible with third party Access Servers, IP devices and Network routers.  The MeshAP 1100 is now available online at 

About ArrowSpan, Inc
ArrowSpan Inc. develops and manufactures next-generation WiFi wireless mesh network solutions.  They are specifically designed to be seamlessly compatible with all brands of an existing network access server, application server, router and gateway.  Our solutions enable carriers and service providers, to expand existing wireless networks to a wider reach.  ArrowSpan’s streamlined design philosophy and manufacturing expertise, makes the WiFi mesh network solutions one of most cost efficient solutions on the market.  Our commitment at ArrowSpan is to develop a product that is the best-in-class, but also profitable and economical for the carriers and service providers.    For more information about ArrowSpan Inc. and our products, please visit



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