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ArrowSpan Announces Highly Compatible, Open Wi-Fi Mesh Network Solutions to Public Service Equipment Solution Providers to Cost Effectively Support Their Customers

ArrowSpan MeshAP 2100 Series Outdoor Wi-Fi Mesh Network Access Point and MeshAP 1100 Series Indoor Wi-Fi Mesh Network Access Point are perfect cost-effective solutions to mass deploy Wi-Fi based intelligence mesh Access Points to both outdoor and indoor environments.

Santa Clara, Calif., January 18, 2006 -- ArrowSpan, Inc. a global provider of Wi-Fi mesh network solutions, is pleased to announce carrier class dual radios Wi-Fi mesh network solution for expanding wireless network on the existing network infrastructure. ArrowSpan MeshAP 2100 Series Outdoor Wi-Fi Mesh Network Access Point and MeshAP 1100 Series Indoor Wi-Fi Mesh Network Access Points provide performance, reliability, security and manageability demanded by service providers and carriers. Our unique dual radios design operate with two 2.4GHz 802.11g radios simultaneously with one radio focusing on the backhaul traffics, and the other radio is free to use with clients to maximum throughput and reliability. MeshAP 2100/1100 could easily expand the existing hotspot to a hotzone.

ArrowSpan MeshAP 2100/1100 Series Wi-Fi wireless Access Points use Predictable Optimum Path (POP) algorithm. This patented routing algorithm spawn immense wireless mesh network infrastructure with sophisticated intelligence. MeshAPs nodes dynamically select the optimum data path among the nodes. As new bandwidth connection is added each MeshAP node dynamically adjusts the routing path to maximize the performance and efficiency of the data traffics. MeshAP 2100/1100 nodes also design with auto-configuring. Once power on, MeshAP node automatically configures itself to operate within a mesh network. This enables service providers and carriers expand existing network quickly. MeshAP 2100/1100 nodes also have auto-healing capability. If interruption occurs with one node the MeshAPs automatic heal the wireless mesh network by routing the data traffics to other available MeshAP nodes in the area thus reduce maintenance and management needs from human.  

Fast Speed and High compatibility
MeshAP 2100/1100 Series Access Points are designed with the Layer 2 fast packet switching technology. This technology enables data packets travel under bridge mode. There is no alteration on the packets when they reach the destination across the mesh network. Each MeshAP nodes simply pass through all data traffics to the clients and next nodes. The Layer 2 fast packet switching technology also makes it highly compatible with other network devices like routers, gateways, access servers, and other application servers.

Strong Security
MeshAP 2100/1100 Series are equipped with real-time hardware-based Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and WiFi Protected Access (WPA) AES encryption between nodes. The hardware-based encryption bolsters the integrity of the mesh network without costing performance degradation to the data traffics.

Friendly Management Interface
The MeshAP 2100/1100 Series simplify the network management through web-based management interface. Service Providers and Carriers do not need to purchase additional software to manage the MeshAP nodes. The sophisticated web management interface manages single MeshAP station to entire mesh network stations with no limitation. MeshAP 2100/1100 Series also could be managed with existing SNMP management tool use by the service Providers and Carriers.

Easy Deployment
MeshAP 2100 Series outdoor mesh access point designed with a rug weatherproofing metal case, which could be operated under wide range of temperatures. Selections of mount kits are available for mounting on the pole, street light. MeshAP 1100 Series indoor mesh access point is designed with a kit-less wall mount enclosure. The MeshAP 2100/1100 Series support Power-over-Ethernet, which lower the cost and complexity for deployment.

The MeshAP 2100/1100 Series Outdoor/Indoor 2.4G Wi-Fi Mesh Access Points will be available at the end of first quarter, 2006.

About ArrowSpan, Inc
ArrowSpan, Inc. develops and manufactures next-generation Wi-Fi wireless mesh network solution. ArrowSpan Wi-Fi mesh network solutions are specifically designed to seamlessly compatible with all brands of existing network access server, application server, router, and gateway. Our solutions enable carriers and service providers expand existing wireless network to wider reach. ArrowSpan’s streamline design philosophy, and manufacturing expertise makes ArrowSpan WiFi mesh network solutions one of most cost efficient solutions on the market. Our commitment at ArrowSpan is to develop best-in-class cost effective Wi-Fi mesh network solutions for the carriers, and service providers. For more information about ArrowSpan, Inc. and our solutions, please visit http://www.


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